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So why chose the Smarttruckpro app? The Smarttruckpro app is perfect for the driver! It provides an Hours of Service System (HOS) that is a great management tool. The HOS will store all of your trucks information including what the driver inputs throughout the day while he/she is on the road. This will make the driver's jobs easier and help you efficiently manage your fleet. Smarttruckpro keeps compliance simplified by adhering to the regulations that are issued by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 
So what does Smarttruckpro app do for you? The Smarttruckpro app is a system that helps connect drivers, vehicles and managers. Smarttruckpro helps with all of your trucking needs including collecting miles, filing IFTA reports and managing your IFTA fuel tax payments! In addition to all of that, Smarttruckpro automatically obtains your Electronic Logs, bringing you a 100% compliant system, which features certified and trackable E-logs with up to 6 months of HOS history! Just plug the WhereQube into the diagnostic port below the dash, download the Free Smarttruckpro App on your Android Device, enter the driver's information and you're ready to go!

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Interested in getting started? Here is how to begin. First, you will need to purchase the package that best suits your needs, along with the WhereQube , and then contact us with your company information. Second, we will implement the initial setup and release the management login to you. Third, you will login and set up your driver's information such as truck number, trailer number and a login for the driver(s) to use the app. Fourth, the driver will need to plug the WhereQube into the diagnostics port below the dash. Finally, the driver will download the " Smarttruckpro Hours of Service " app, login (set up by your company) and start their journey! If you have any questions, comments or concerns don't hesitate to contact us! 

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