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Smarttruckpro, LLC

Track, Log, Manage and More! 
  1. Accurate
    Smarttruckpro assures that the information gathered is accurate and that the clients can trust it entirely!
  2. Innovated
    Smarttruckpro is bringing today's technology to the palm of your hand.
  3. Reliable
    We've spent years providing quality service to a variety of clients and we are always in the process of improvement.
  4. FMCSA Compliant
    Smarttruckpro's E-Log System is 100% compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin.
FMCSA Compliant
  1. Electronic Logging System
    Smarttruckpro brings you a 100% compliant E-log System with great features! Your E-logs are certified and trackable with up to 6 months of Hours of Service History!
  2. GPS Auto Tracking
    Just plug our hardware into the diagnostics port of your truck and let it work its magic! It can track your trucks location, whether the driver is on duty or sleeping, and will log it into your E-Log System!
  3. IFTA Total Management
    We will collect your IFTA miles based on the information gathered through the drivers. The app can be set up to pay your IFTA fees!
  4. Per Diem Plus
    We have partnered with Pier Diem Plus as a reseller! This partnership brings you a 20% discount and all of the perks that comes with the Per Diem App!
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